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Berryville, Utah was settled in the late 1800's. Because of conflicts with Indians, the settlement was eventually abandoned. A few years later, settlers returned and renamed the settlement Glendale.

Doug's grandparents (on both sides) were some of the first settlers of Glendale, long before there were any southern utah national parks. His father, Rex, purchased this farm from his in-laws - and planted a large apple orchard. The apples were their source of income for many years.


Doug has always had a love of horses & cattle, so when we purchased the ranch from his father in 1985, we began running cattle in a calf-cow operation. In addition to cows, We have raised everything from horses, dogs, and cats, to pigs, chickens, and children.


We have been blessed to have raised four daughters and one son to help us with all of our chores. They are all now married and we're grateful for the nineteen grandchildren we now have.

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