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We are centrally located and easy to find on any Utah map. Just look smack-dab in the middle of all there is to do in Southern Utah!

For your convenience, we've posted two maps on this page and specific driving instructions for large rigs. Use the first map to scope out all there is to do around our location. And the second for those driving directions we mentioned.


There are several ways to reach our park . . . but if you're coming from the South-West or North-West and driving an RV or towing a big trailer, we suggest some specific routing to avoid frustrations. The worry is sometimes your GPS will route you either through Zion National Park or over Cedar Mountain via Hwy 14 and for a number of reasons we recommend a couple other options specific to large rig RV owners.


Driving on I-15 you can make it just fine all the way to ST. GEORGE, UTAH so that's where our directions will pick up:

Continue past St. George and take EXIT 16 (UT-9) towards Hurricane  . Head to HURRICANE on ROUTE 9, then follow ROUTE 59 through HILDALE & COLORADO CITY. The route will soon turn into Route 389. Continue on until you've reached FREDONIA, ARIZONA. Once there, take ROUTE 89 NORTH up through Kanab, Mount Carmel Junction, Orderville, and right into GLENDALE. You'll find us easily on the left hand side of the road.

Map from southwest.PNG
Map from northeast.png


The other routing we would highly recommend for bigger rigs is down HWY 89 beginning around SALINA, UTAH.  If you are coming from the East and along I-70, you will pass Salina and continue a bit on I-70... we will pick back up on this route after the next paragraph.  


If you are further North and headed South on I-15 you will take EXIT 222 then head South on HWY 89.  You will continue on that road all the way to SALINA where you will get on I-70 Westbound.

At this point both of our routes have converged and will be the same from here on. Continue on I-70 past RICHFIELD and take EXIT 23 to get back on HWY 89 South. at this point sit back, relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful driving on your way to your new home away from home. After 60 miles or so you will come to the town of PANGUITCH. In the middle of town you will come to a 4 way stop, take a left there to stay on HWY 89.  Keep coming on that highway for another 40 miles and you will make it to the town of GLENDALE where we are.  You will find our sign and entrance on the right side of the road. 

Dougspictures1 035.JPG

The last route worth mentioning is if you choose to continue down I-15.  We understand, it is a little quicker but don't let the interstate fool you... there are some steep grades along the interstate and crossing over the mountain from I-15 to HWY 89 that can really be tough for bigger rigs or towing trailers, but it can be done.  If you are adamant about going that far South on I-15 we recommend taking EXIT 95 towards HWY 20 a few miles south of the town of BEAVER. From there continue until you reach a T-Intersection with HWY 89. Take a right headed South and the rest of the directions look the same as the above route once you make it to the town of PANGUITCH.

Map from northwest.png
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